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Hosted By The Largest Women's Real Estate Investors Network In The World

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Discover how to retire with real estate by using today's economy to your advantage. We'll even show you how to safely invest using other people's money during this empowering, step by step 1 week MasterClass

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Here’s The Thing… Nearly 80% Of Women 
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All you need to do? Simply join 150,000 women who are empowering and supporting each other on their real estate journey! (It’s the largest community of women investors in the USA–so you don’t have to do any of this alone. Ever. 

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From The Desk Of Tresa Todd

Ever feel like it’s too late and you missed the opportunity to set yourself up for a comfortable retirement? 

One where you’re laughing with your loved ones on a dream vacation and spoiling your grandbabies? I know how that feels. Because that’s what kept me up at night...

I’d lay in bed hoping and praying things would sort themselves out when it came time to retire. I’d often wonder:

“What if I’d done things differently?”
“What if I had the chance to redo it all?”

Sound familiar?

First, let me get two things out of the way:

1. You're not alone
2. It certainly isn't too late!

Hear me out… 

I was in your shoes. I was a single mom working in the medical field for over 25 years and had been investing in my 401k (not to mention budgeting and saying 'no' to myself and my family far more often than I said ‘yes’). 

One of the hardest days of my life was when I was forced to face reality… 

I was 50 years old when my sons looked over my finances and told me that despite my efforts and hard work, I wasn't on track to retire comfortably without a part-time job. 

As it turned out, I only had enough saved in my retirement account to ‘get by’ for 7 years before running out of money. And when I say ‘get by’, I mean I wouldn’t be traveling the world or living on the beach. I’d only have enough to pay my bills.

That's when I knew it was time to make a change... I took the leap of faith and finally said ‘yes’ to myself. Real estate investing was something I had been interested in for some time, but I’d always let fear and doubts creep in. 

“I might be too old to learn something new…”
“What if I fail?”

Here’s the thing, I’d run out of options, and I had come to a fork in the road:

Option A: Stay exactly where I was and bury my head back in the sand. I could just continue hoping for the best…

Option B: Take the leap, trust in my abilities, and TRY.

To make a long story short, I chose option B and never looked back.

Fast forward a few years, and my retirement account is fully funded - and i'm showing you exactly how I did it.

Founder of the Women's Real Estate Investors Network

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Finally, the Secret Formula for Creating Retirement Income Through Real Estate Investing In Today’s Economy

Here’s everything you get when you join the MasterClass:

Day 1:
How Tresa Todd Built Her Empire

Tresa’s sharing her story of how she created her real estate empire in 5 years. Discover the steps she took to make her first $20,000 in just 8 days! Plus her secret-sauce formula to ensure a profit on every deal.

Day 2:
Identify Your Freedom Number 

Tresa shares the most common mistakes investors make (especially when flipping houses) and how to avoid them. She’ll help you create your plan to retire in the next 5 years… after identifying your freedom number.

Day 3:
How To Break Free From Limiting Beliefs

Ever feel like it’s too late for you? Or that you don’t know enough to take the leap? Tresa’s going to help you break free from all of your limiting beliefs. Remember, she started at 50 years old! (If 150k women can do it, so can you.)

Day 4:
Investing In The Current Economy

With inflation skyrocketing, and a looming recession, you may be asking yourself: “Is NOW a good time to invest in real estate?” Tresa’s sharing why it’s the PERFECT time to start your real estate investing journey–yes in this economy!

Day 5:
The Ultimate Passive Income Strategy

Tresa will share the complete A-Z guide to rentals. AKA the ultimate passive income strategy. She’ll show you how to build wealth through owning rental properties using her unique strategy: creative financing. (You don’t need to be wealthy to own rentals!)

Day 6:
Crush Your Inner Critic 

Get to the core of some of the issues/beliefs that hold us back from succeeding. Tresa helps get you unstuck. Plus, you’ll start to design the life of your dreams while learning how to crush your inner critic.

Day 7:
How To Use Real Estate To Live A Great Life

Real estate investing expert, Kelton Todd is going to help you identify the difference between living a good life vs a great life. And he’s going to share his insider secrets on how to use real estate investing to create a great life.

Bonus Day 8:
Q&A Day With Real Estate Experts

This is an incredible opportunity to engage with Tresa, Kelton Todd, Justin Todd, and Clifford The Cowboy Closer! Bring all of your real estate investing questions and come listen to what your peers are asking these industry leaders.

P.S. – Skipped To The Bottom?


The Without Fear Of Her Future MasterClass is a 7-day 100% live virtual training, bringing together thousands of women from across the country to take back their power, take control of their future, and choose to live without fear by learning how to invest in real estate in today's economy.

During the MasterClass starting on September 24th, you’ll get ALL the knowledge, tools, resources & solutions YOU need to break free from the financial stress & retire with real estate.

The MasterClass is led by WREIN Founder & CEO Tresa Todd. Tresa is a transformative force in the real estate industry, and her MasterClass has directly impacted the lives of 150,000+ women for the better! 

Your seat is fully guaranteed. If you’re not happy for whatever reason… You get back your full $17 investment, no questions asked.

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