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"Learn the Insider Secrets of Real Estate Investing In Today's Economy and Create a Secure Financial Future for You and Your Family (No Capital or License Required)"

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FREE access to replays of each day's training for the duration of the MasterClass and a bonus Q&A day with Tresa so you can ask all of your pressing questions. 

The Proof That The Without Fear of Her Future MasterClass Works is in 10's of Thousands Woman's Stories! 

4.9/5 Star Reviews

Our reviews from our students speak for themselves.
We're so proud of the 4.9/5 rating from our thousands of online reviews for the Without Fear of Her Future MasterClass!

Real Life, Real Women, Real Results!

Even with the Economy in a Downturn...
Our students are able to implement the specialized knowledge they learn RIGHT AWAY...
 Some even get deals done and signed before the class is over!!!
That’s how accessible this education is! 
That's how relevant our MasterClass is!

Hear below from our students themselves...

If hundreds of thousands of women (including myself) could do it, then why can't you?!


At the age of 50, I left my 25 year career in the medical field and put my entire heart and soul into investing in real estate. 

And let me tell you something, my second-act is beyond what I could have ever imagined!

With a business that was grown during the pandemic, I continue to find ways to succeed no matter what is going on in the world or the current state of the economy. 

If you're looking for something to stop working hard and start working smart so you can create a secure financial future for you and your family, consider this a sign from the universe.

If I could do it, and hundreds of thousands of other women could do it, why can't you?

During this MasterClass, I will teach you all the insider secrets of investing in real estate and how to make them work for you no matter what the economy is doing.
This training is realistic, accessible, relevant to the current times and is just what you need to begin designing a life you love! 

What Really Sets Us Apart
is Our Community

No matter what is happening in the world around us- our community is ready with knowledge and first hand experience. 

You’ll get the opportunity to learn from the experiences of women who’ve been in your shoes before! You’ll get access to their priceless real life experiences so you can learn how to grow your business just like they did!

You’ll also get the support and encouragement from the entire nationwide network. So you can be inspired, find motivation, receive valuable feedback and advice, and be able to network to start and expand your business!

Space is limited. Secure your spot today!

Remember, the best investment you can make in life is in yourself and real estate!

For just $17, you'll get an education that would typically cost thousands of dollars!

  When You Enroll in the MasterClass You Receive...  


7-Days of Live
Training Sessions

With over 10 hours of
actionable content!


Free Interactive
PDF Workbook

With over 10 hours of
actionable content!


Access to Private
Facebook Group

With over 10 hours of
actionable content!

You'll Learn:

  • Specialized Knowledge

Learn tips + tricks on how to succeed in any real estate market.

  • How to Start an AIRBNB

From purchase, to renovation, all the way to getting guests in the door.

  • Change Your Mindset

Become your biggest supporter. Set yourself up for overall wellness! 

So You Can:

  • Keep Income Flowing 

Even During a Recession- Find Fool-Proof Ways to Make Money and Succeed

  • Have Job Security!

Profit on every deal! Have money coming in on a reliable basis. Don't Have to Rely on a 9-5 Anymore!

  • Design the Life You Love

Become the designer of your own life! Make your second-act one for the books.

Space is limited. Secure your spot today.

The next Masterclass starts on
 February 5th at 8PM CST 

7-Days of Live Training

You'll quickly and easily learn real estate investing strategies so that you can gain the education, confidence, and financial security that you've been searching for!

That’s only 1 week! 1 week to absolutely change your life!

100% Exclusive

Access to a community of not only like-minded women (who are searching for more, just like you!) but also real estate leaders who’ve already had great successes in the industry!

You get the opportunity to learn from their experiences and grow your business just like them! You’ll also get the support and encouragement from the entire nationwide network. So you can be inspired, find motivation, receive valuable feedback and advice, and be able to network to start and grow your business!

Meet the Founder Me!

Dreaming big and being brave changed the entire course of my life, and hundreds of thousands of other women’s lives too! (It WILL change your life too!)

So many women before you have chosen to be brave and courageous, and their futures have been changed forever! You know what, if they could do it… so can you!

Space is limited. Secure your spot today.

The next Masterclass starts on  February 5th at 8PM CST 

Join the hundreds of thousands of women who have taken the MasterClass and now wake up every morning Without Fear. 

Whether you’ve purchased property before or are thinking, “I thought investing was only for the wealthy!” 

The Without Fear of Her Future MasterClass is custom designed & specifically created for women, just like you!

It’s an engaging learning experience for real estate investors of all levels.

It's also designed specifically for times like RIGHT NOW. 

We have the tips, tools, and secrets to succeed in this current market!

Hello Gorgeous,

Look, I know what it’s like to be afraid of trying or starting something new. But I can also tell you that I know what it feels like to be standing on the other side of fear.

This is your sign to say yes to something new!

YES to a new career.
YES to your dreams and goals. 
And YES to living a life without fear! 
(YES to making a lot of flipping money!)

There is no better time to learn how to invest in real estate than right now!

So what’re you waiting for? Do your homework–read all of our amazing reviews, then click the button below and register for the upcoming MasterClass. We are starting soon and seats fill up QUICKLY!

You owe it to yourself to do this for you. You’ll make the best choice for yourself- we know it!

Dream Big & Be Brave Girl! 

I can’t wait to see you in the next class! 

Our Promise to You

  • We are here to HELP you!
  • Real LIVE Support!
  • Encouragement & Education!
  • Inspire to Take Action!
  • Network with 100,000's of other women!!!

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What is the Without Fear of Her Future MasterClass?
The Without Fear of Her Future MasterClass is a 7-day online training course with the founder of the Women's Real Estate Investors Network, ME! Tresa Todd. I will share my specialized knowledge on how to be a successful real estate investor, how to find deals, how to use other people's money to fund real estate investment deals, how to wholesale, flip houses, and even more advanced strategies that can earn you "now and later" money through short-term rentals like Airbnbs.
Do I need a license to participate or invest in real estate?
NO! There are no licenses or certifications of any kind that you need to get in order to participate or INVEST in real estate. All you need is specialized knowledge. Investing in real estate is different from being a licensed realtor and this will be explained during the MasterClass. 
How long is the MasterClass?
There will be at least 7 days of training sessions.
How do I access the private Facebook group?
Once you enroll for $17, you will receive a link to join, be asked to answer a few questions, and then you will be approved within 48 hours. 
Do I get to be a part of the private Facebook group forever?
Yes, once you have been accepted into the MasterClass Facebook group you registered for, you will have lifetime access to that group as long as it is active.
What if I need more time with the materials?
We offer a 30-day extended access to the training video recordings! Make sure to Upgrade to get 30 extra days access.
How do I sign up for the VIP Access?
When you enroll in the Masterclass, you will also have the chance to enroll in the VIP Access for an additional fee.
Make sure to Upgrade to get a 1 hour LIVE Q&A and a copy of my book, Without Fear of Her Future!
How can I get my questions answered?
Tresa is a full-time real estate investor and answers questions throughout the MasterClass. Due to the high volume of women that she is training and serving, the Facebook chat and the Facebook page Discussion area are the best ways to submit and get all of your questions answered by Tresa and other participants in the MasterClass.

P.S. If you scrolled straight to the bottom of this page. This is your sign to say yes to something new. 

This is your sign to change your life. It’s never too late to hit them with a plot twist, girl! Remember, this is your story! And right now it's time for a rewrite!

P.P.S. Do you have any questions? We have answers. Feel free to contact us. We’re here to support you.

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